What We Do

Well, let me first tell you why we are here. As a law student, I always despised lengthy academic discussions, citing authors from every nook and corner of the world, pages and pages of judgments and anything which was not pith and precise. Therefore, I always felt a dire need to present things in a simple and more readable form which even a layman can understand. And this is how Indian Case Laws started.

Initially, the idea was to publish short, simple and more lucid summaries of landmark judgments related to corporate and commercial laws. Moving further, we diversified the scope of this online portal to several interesting dimension, viz. legal updates, technology laws, case list, movie reviews, online courses, e-books, and latest in the line is legal humour. The credit for the success of  our consistent efforts goes to my team without which this web site would not have been this popular among the law students and legal professionals.

One unique aspect of our write-ups are legal resources are that they are always backed up by relevant judgments and authoritative sources. We strive to maintain at least the minimum professional standard expected of a good lawyer. Our team comprise of various legal professional currently working at some of the most reputed law firms in India. Our research scholars are hand-picked from the top notch national law schools in India after a rigorous process of selection.

We find pleasure in staying connected with our visitors and would love to help you out with any of your career related questions, legal queries and anything related, which you think, we can help you with. All you have to do is fill up the contact form below and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. You can also give us your feedback here which will be definitely helpful in making this web site even more useful and user friendly.

Best regards

Vivek Verma,

Founder & Publishing Editor,
Indian Case Laws


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