Hadley v. Droitwich Construction Co.

Hadley v. Droitwich Construction Co.  [1968] 1 WLR 37 (Qualified Implied Warranty) FACTS: P hired a crane to D with no obligation on them to maintain. The hirer (D) undertook to put competent man in charge and carry out service. This man never inspected the crane nor did carry out any servicing. One of theContinue reading “Hadley v. Droitwich Construction Co.”

Wright v.Tyne Improvement Commissioners and Anr.

Wright v.Tyne Improvement Commissioners & Anr. (Implied Warranty, Hiring) FACTS: The plaintiff, a docker employed by the second defendants, was engaged in discharging timber from a ship. The second defendants had hired a crane from the first defendants for the purpose of discharging the timber from the ship into wagons. The wagons were under theContinue reading “Wright v.Tyne Improvement Commissioners and Anr.”