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Squad-001Indian Case Laws is a unique initiative to demystify the law. It is a comprehensive legal platform that can not only be used as a sound academic tool, but also as a means to develop conceptual understanding of complex legal issues.

We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals. Being a part of our team is like having a mocktail- a mixture of hard work, commitment, legal acumen and a dash of out of the box thinking sprinkled with lots of fun!


We are inviting applications for the position of research scholars from law students in India who can assist us with our ongoing research and related work.

Work Description: The work will typically involve preparing case summaries, writing informative articles, preparing manuals, and working on several other ideas that we are presently working on. Working with ICL will ensure that you develop the set of skills required to survive and outperform at any law firm. This will help you hone your basic research and analytical skills in addition to developing a professional style of working. The idea is to make you “firm ready” so that when you join a law firm you should never feel like a fish out of the water. As they say, the real learning starts when you come into the profession. We just aim to prepone this “real learning” for you.

As a research scholar you will be delegated exactly the similar kind of work which you can expect at any typical law firm as a junior associate, be it doing a due diligence, drafting contracts or researching on specific issues. In addition, you will also learn how to present things in a professional way and deal with challenges, especially in  respect of time constraint. This will definitely go a long way to keep you much ahead of your friends, especially when it comes to recruitment interviews.

Remuneration: While there is no remuneration, the research will be duly acknowledged and published with the name of the researcher on ICL and a certificate of experience will be issued after successful completion six months of association. Immediately after six months, based on the individual’s performance, he/she will have the opportunity to work as an independent author on ICL’s website and thus become part of our Core Team.

Copyright: The copyright on the work shall remain with ICL but the author shall be free to republish his/her work on any other media. Rest assured, not only will your effort be suitably rewarded in terms of gaining a foothold in the field of legal entrepreneurship but also the immense satisfaction that comes with it. Moreover, you shall be certified as an ICL Research Scholar.

How to apply:

Kindly send the following by e-mail explaining your interest in the position of Research Scholar to

1. Covering letter – this should set out the following:

– Why you wish to be considered for the position/ Statement of Purpose;
– The dates you would be able to take up the position;
– Highlight the areas of law that you are interested in, and
– Specific research experience

2. Full Curriculum Vitae (CV)

3. Writing Sample – The writing sample could be a Case Comment or Research Article (published or unpublished).

Confirmation: Once your complete application (the three documents requested above) has been received, we will take a minimum of 3 weeks from the date of your application to process your application and accordingly you will be notified if you get selected. Please do not follow up through emails or phone calls.

Acceptance: The offer for this position will remain open for acceptance for 20 working days from the date of the offer. If we do not hear from you within that period we will assume that the offer is rejected and it will be withdrawn and offered to the next successful applicant.

Revocation: Any instance of lack of accountability or more than three instances of inordinate delay in submitting the work or responding to the email instructions may result in revocation of your position as a research scholar at any time without a prior notice.

Our Past Research Scholars

  1. Vishrut Kansal, NUJS, Kolkata
  2. Sushmita R., Christ University, Bangalore
  3. Akshay Goel, HNLU, Raipur
  4. Ankita Das, Symbiosis, Noida
  5. Mahak Rathee, CNLU, Patna

16 thoughts on “Research Scholar

  1. I am in first year of five years course(B.L.S. LL.B.) and for the first two years we don’t have any ‘law’ subjects…So..can I apply??

    1. Dear Shelly

      We generally take fourth or fifth year students as the research scholar. I am afraid, you may not be able to apply at this time. However, if you need any help or guidance regarding studies or internships, you can ask us about it. We would be happy to help.


  2. Hello Mr. Verma Sir,

    First of all my heartiest congratulations to your effort and wish that the initiative puts its mark, in its triggered effort, of helping the law students and professionals to achieve their objective.While going through the queries and replies, i perceived that one can also contribute in the effort online also.
    I am a law graduate in 2012 from DU, currently preparing for some exams. Would i be eligible for the contribution.Kindly reply.(


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