Protection of Trademark in Numeral Marks


Shaw Wallace & Co. v. Superior Industries Ltd.; 2003 27 PTC 63 (Haywards 5000/Superior 5000) [Summary]

Jagan Nath Prem Nath vs. Bhartiya Dhoop Karyalaya; AIR 1975 Del 149 (Kasturi 555/Anand Durbar 555) [Summary]

M/s Vrajlal Manilal vs. Adarsh Bidi Co.; 1995 1 Arb. L.R 471 (22/122) [Summary]

Kamal Trading vs. Gillette UK Limited; 1988 PTC 1 (7‘ O Clock) [Summary]

Tata Oil Mills Co. Ltd. v. Reward Soap Works; 1984 PTC 19 (501/507)

Samrat Bidi Works & Ors. v. Dayalal Meghji; 1999 PTC 610 (345/645)

Glossy Color & Paints Pvt Ltd & Anr. vs Mona Aggarwal; (1001/6004) [Summary]


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