Serious Fraud – Locus Not Required

  • A.A. Gopalakrishnan vs. Cochin Devaswom Board and Ors., AIR 2007 SC 3162 (Supreme Court, 2007)

 If a fraud has been committed on the court, no benefit can be claimed therefrom.

  • Ganpatbhai Mahijibhai Solanki v. State of Gujarat and Ors., 2008 (3) SCALE 556 (Supreme Court, 2008)
  • T. Vijendradas and Anr. v. M. Subramanian and Ors.(2007) 8 SCC, 751 (Supreme Court, 2007)
  • K.D. Sharma v. Steel Authority of India Ltd. and Ors., 2008 (10) SCALE 227 (Supreme Court, 2008)
  • Raju Ramsing Vasave vs. Mahesh Deorao Bhivapurkar and Ors., (2008) 2 SCC (LS) 802 (Supreme Court, 2008)



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