Core Team

P1010987-001Core Team Member

Indian Case Laws is always on the look out for professionals driven by passion to do something different from the flock. Indian Case Laws does not promise any compensation or remuneration for the work done by any of its team members as of now. However, as and when we develop the website and start generating revenue, we would be more than happy to reward the contribution made by individual members suitably depending on their participation in the team. Till the time we are operating on non-profit basis, all we are here to offer is, the excitement of working on innovative ideas and the drive to make your own mark in the legal industry. We are bunch of lawyers with crazy ideas and we are looking for crazy people who share our vision of creating India’s first website on case summaries and unique legal resource products and services.

Another unique aspect of our team is that we all are currently working full time as professionals elsewhere and yet we find time to maintain the website and develop its content and resources almost every day and therefore, we expect the same. We consider every member in our team as much as part of the website as the founding members.

To become part of our core team, you can send your CV along with a SoP (Statement of Purpose) to 



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