Case List: Breach of Confidence



  1. Information betrayed must have necessary quality of confidence;
    1. Dutchess of Argyll vs. Duke of Argyll, 1965 1 All ER 611
    2. Campbell vs. Mirror Group Newspapers Ltd. [2004] UKHL 22
    3. McKennitt vs. Ash [2008] QB 73
    4. Mr. ‘X’ v. HospitalZ,(1998) 8 SCC 296 [Full Text]
  2. It must have been imparted in circumstances which creates on obligation of confidence, and
    1. Zee Telefilms Limited and Anr. vs. Sundial Communications Private Limited & Ors.2003 (27) PTC 457
    2. Mr. Anil Gupta and Anr. vs. Mr. Kunal Dasgupta and Ors., 97(2002) DLT 257
  3. It must be used in an unauthorized manner and to the detriment of the confider.
    1. Prince Albert vs. Strange[1849] EWHC Ch J20
    2. Douglas v Hello! Ltd., [2005] EWCA Civ 595


Note: It is no defence that the defendant did not know that he was misusing the confidential.


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