Wish to advertise with us? Our sincere regrets to all those seeking to promote unmindful, unwanted, unrelated and frivolous advertisement on Indian Case Laws

We sincerely believe that advertisement on our website in a way amounts to our conscious endorsement of the same. Our advertisement service is more in the nature of information dissemination than mere promotion.Therefore, we only confirm any advertisement slots only after analyzing the quality of the target product or services and at all times reserve the right to reject such offer solely at our discretion.

Why should you advertise with us?

Indian Case Laws is India’s first and one of its own kind website which provides useful and unique legal resources which is read and used not only by the law students across India but also the industry professionals across various law firms and full time practicing lawyers. We are more than a law student website. Our website gets around  40,000+ hits every month and has more than 5000 dedicated followers. In addition we have a wide network of law students, academicians, researchers and lawyers to put the word across in various colleges, including all the top notch national law schools and Government colleges. Furthermore, if required, we also send personal email notifications to the possible interest groups and share the information with them through Google groups and our Facebook group Law Solutions.

Secondly, we are not alone. Advertising with us also mean promotion of your product or services through our other website which records more than 50,000+ hits a month and has more than 10,000 followers across India as of today. The story of our website Knowledge Steez has so far been covered by leading newspapers like Times of India and Hindustan Times.

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