Online Course on Interpretation of Contracts and Standard Clauses in an Agreement

Deadline for Application extended to February 28, 2015!

Knowledge Steez

In this course, you can learn important principles related to interpretation of contracts and various techniques for drafting standard clauses in an agreement. The Course aims to offer a unique blend of theoretical aspects of interpretation and practical aspects of drafting in one package. Here we introduce you with all the standard clauses in an agreement and their divergent forms, along with the legal implications and drafting techniques. The Course is based on practical learning experiences of our contributors working at some of the reputed law firms in India.    

The course is intended for law students, fresh law graduates, and legal professionals of less than 4 years PQE who are desirous of fine tuning their drafting skills and broadening their understanding of crucial terms in a contract.  

About the Course

The idea of drafting a contract with a given template based on a bare term sheet may sound very easy to…

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